Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trade Paperback vs Floppy Issues

With the trade paperback coming out we've been asked a few times now if there is much difference between the quarterly floppies and the compiled trade.

Ideally for the hardcore reader, the individual issues contain more exclusive content such as:
- Artist pinups
- Melbourne City Voice (world expanding mini article pages)
- Occasional feature mini comics (We Below, FA: The Backyard)
- Editorials

The Trade paperback however represents a compiled collection of issues 1-6. It contains all 120 pages of sequential art from the first 6 issues of the series but due to size restrictions doesn't have the pinups, editorials, Melbourne City Voice and mini stories. What it does have though is:
- 120 pages of sequential art story all in one hit
- silk gloss page stock
- overhauled and touched up page art
- a kick A$$ foreword by Ryan K Lindsay.

Hopefully this helps people make an informed decision on deciding on their preferred method of reading.

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