Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New book project - Ink Island

Things have been a little quiet on the From Above front recently and there's a good reason. I've hinted of late about a book project I've been working on with the uber talented Ryan K Lindsay (Negative Space - Dark Horse, Headspace - IDW)​. I am happy to say we are now drawing back the covers on this baby!

Ink Island is a full color all ages book that Ryan has masterfully written and I've decorated with some pretty sequential art.

Here's a lil sneak peak of the first panel, just to give you a taste of the flavour of the book.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

SDCC 2015

Just finally getting to process the awesome experience that was SDCC 2015. Wow! Blew all our expectations!
Firstly our panel went amazingly. We had such an interactive audience with great discussion and lots of questions. The show itself was mind blowing. Had a great meeting  with an editor over there, talked to some amazing artists - some of which have been massive inspirations. Bought lots of cool merch, went to see a heap of awesome panels. We went to the Eisner’s, checked out all the local restaurants and bars had to offer, and even got to go to a couple of really cool drink and draws.
We met so many cool people over there and had an amazing time. 4 days at the show and we still didn’t get to see everything. Really was an amazing trip.