Thursday, March 27, 2014

We Below - Page 3

Jumping on a plane first thing tomorrow to head over to Perth Oz Comic-Con followed the next weekend by the Adelaide con. In the meantime here is page 3 of We Below.
We Below pages 1-3 will be printed in the forthcoming Issue 4 of From Above.
We Below will become a constant side story in the printed books but for those who read the blog or facebook page, this is where it will be told first. (The facebook page will also be filed in the one folder so that you can read the pages in sequence).

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Issue 1 -Second Edition in the works

The Issue #1 first edition run (done in 2 batches) is now almost exhausted so I am beginning to prep a second edition printing with alternate cover as well as some different internal pin ups, concept art, and some tweaked internal pages. Here's the progress on the concept for the cover.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

We Below - Page 2

Here's Page #2 of We Below. Will be giving you the next page around Thursday nite just before we leave for OzComicCon Perth.
We Below will be a sideline story featured in the From Above book as of Issue 4, but for those that follow the blog or Facebook, you'll get the story here first.

Page prints at OzComicCon Perth and Adelaide

Next weekend kicks of con season with the first of the conventions, Oz Comic-Con Perth. Alana and myself will be tabling there selling all 3 issues of the book (including the advance release of Issue 3). Will also be selling A3 prints of some of the art pages from the books that I can also sign for you if you like. It's gonna be a lot of fun an we look forwarding to seeing a few of you there!

Friday, March 21, 2014

We Below Page 1

Commencing in issue 4 is the spin off story, We Below. It tells another tale, this time set below Melbourne City.  Amongst the dark and dingy aquedcts and sewers there are many outcasts from the surface society who have formed their own bastions of humanity, in an existence that constantly skirts danger.
We Below will become a constant side story in the printed books but for those who read the blog or facebook page, this is where it will be told first. (The facebook page will also be filed in the one folder so that you can read the pages in sequence).
Its a different story to that of Gabe's tale, but one that helps flesh out the world of From Above. Here is the first page. I hope you enjoy.

Issue 3 is here!

Exciting times to think that six months after the release of the first issue of my book, I'm now about to release my third. Proud to say I've adhered to my self imposed deadline of a quarterly release, but most of all I am absolutely floored by how supportive everybody has been in getting behind the books. The retailers, reviewers, fellow creators, and you the readers have been absolutely phenomenal.
Nothing is more satisfying than the feeling of creative satisfaction and following a dream, but to be lucky enough to have had so many people with which to share the ride... Well that's just blown me away! Thanks peeps! Craig

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Issue 4 begins and free ad space for local Aussie books

No time like the present - have started work on issue 4. Am also looking at initiating a few things going forward.
Firstly there is a sideline story that will begin to feature in the books from issue 4 onward but it will be featured first on the Facebook page - drip fed one page at a time. So if you follow the page you'll be able to get this story before the printed books come out.
Secondly for local comic creators, I am dedicating a page in each issue to free advertising of local books. (Issue 3 has an ad for The Crayfish comic). Basically if you have a book that is new and coming out around the issue at the time I'll put an ad in the book for you for no charge. Depending on how popular this idea it is may be a quarter page or full page if there's just one.
So if you're a creator who has a book out around July and want it advertised in issue 4 send me a pm (on the From Above facebook page)  and we'll see if we can fit something into the issue to advertise your book.
Hopefully this'll help a few other books out as I feel it's a way I can give a little back for after all the awesome support I've received with this book.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Exciting progress

Lots of exciting bits of progress for the book lately.
Was recently contacted by a High School in NSW who have ordered and are stocking the book in both their library and language faculty!
Also, recently got the book stocked into Graus Comix, one of the first comic stores located inside a major shopping centre. Was stoked to have this photo forwarded on (Thanks Hector!) showing the book featured in the store's catalogue with a great review by one of their staff (Thanks Rebecca!).
Its been an exciting week and with Perth ozcomic con just a few weeks away and issue 3 expected back from the printers any day now it is shaping up to be a very exciting month!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Concept art

Another Gabe piece, this time in a rawer, rougher style.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Concept art

As there's only so many pages in a book, sometimes pages get cut. This is a concept art page that got bumped from the upcoming Issue 3.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

From Above pinup

Figured I'd turn today's stylistic experimentation into a poster piece...

Mucking around with style

Mucking around with a bit of a style departure with this rendition of Gabe. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Issue 3 - Perth Oz Comic Con

Issue 3 artwork set up for print and off to the printers tomorrow. Official release in April but for those lucky enough to come along to Perth and Adelaide Oz Comic-Con I'll have issue 3 on sale there!