Tuesday, June 9, 2015

140 pages to date

While I was compiling the trade paperback (first six issues) I was viewing the print proofs on a table in front of me and had to say I was pretty happy with what we've achieved so far with the book. 140 pages in seven issues of sequential art. We've gone to second edition print runs on the 1st 3 issues, and issue 1 is now getting a third edition run.

Certainly pleased that something that set out as a hobby project just less than 2 years ago has travelled so far to date. Still a long way to go of course but it has certainly helped open a few doors, and seeing the finished books is certainly a reward in itself.
Going forward we now face a new set of challenges as new projects come up and  available time is divided amongst these. It's a great problem to have - I just sometimes wish I'd be able to clone myself for some cheap labor :)

One thing going forward though that is becoming evident is we may have to start stretching out the time between releases. Up until now its been a book every 3 months. That has enabled us to build some good presence, but as we discover at conventions the growing trend is "I'll wait for the trade" or readers will be 3-4 issues behind in their reading. All this sort of stuff is fine, but obviously makes it difficult to bring out an aggressively regular indie comic.

So with a lot of projects now coming up it has become a necessary evil to dial the release schedule of From Above back. We have the trade coming out this month and Issue 8 is looking to sit around an October release at this stage. Stay tuned though as we'll keep you up with the From Above schedule and also have news soon on a one shot book I have been doing with writer, Ryan K Lindsay. Its gonna blow your socks off!

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