Wednesday, April 1, 2015

So much exciting stuff in the works

Whenever i get a little stressed or down I usually give myself a bit of a backhand (slap! ahhh, much better) and take a step back and look at the really cool stuff that's happening.

Working on some majorly fun projects at the moment and to be honest I may combust due to not being able to show anything on them yet! :)

First off there's of course issue 8 of From Above. Doing it in the more cartoony style in full color, has really blasted some enthusiasm into me for this one. I also get to have a bit more fun with the writing too so expect lots of my usual bad puns and barely laughable humor :)

The there's the three pager I'm drawing for Ben Michael (Kranburn) Byrne. His new project NSEW has a huge roster of great artists and the work he's put into developing this world is phenomenal! I can't wait to see this book. In fact. I better actually finish my last page now I think about it! :)

I also had the awesome opportunity to write and draw a 5 page horror themed short for the next Gaining Velocity book. This was soooo much fun. Firstly I got to push myself by writing a short story (much harder than a long play story). I really really dug the challenge of this. Then on top of that I got to step outside my usual scifi of From Above and delve into some horror. In this case some small midwest town serial killer type stuff. So much fun.

And now for one of my current projects. I really cant say much at all about this other than I get the opportunity to collaborate with the amazingly talented Ryan K Lindsay (IDW, DC Vertigo, Monkeybrain). To be honest I am still in awe that he wanted to work with me. That said give it a few more weeks of dealing with me and he'll either tell me to go jump or be checked into an insane asylum :) Seriously though this project we are working on is insanely awesome. I can't wait for you folks to get your hands on it!

So that in a nutshell are some of the major projects. I also have some pinups featuring in upcoming Winter City, Mechanical Knight, Pizza Man and Hazard books. Whwn I reflect on this its pretty awesome times and really that outweighs the stress and difficulties that pop up from time to time.

Now I better get back to that NSEW page before Ben sees I'm wasting time posting on my blog :)

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