Thursday, March 26, 2015

Issue 8 fully thumbnailed!

Issue 7 hasn't even come back from the printers yet and I am stoked to announce that Issue 8 has now been fully thumbnailed.

It would be an understatement to point out how pumped I am for this issue. It will be a massive departure stylistically for the series. Drawn in a more cartoony fashion, told with a bit more humour, and then to boot it'll be FULL COLOR! (C'mon, that deserved full caps!)

The story has really flowed for this book. It has definitely been the easiest, and most fun to write of all the books to date, and I'm thinking when it comes to doing the art this is gonna be awesome fun!

So with the thumbnails complete, this puts us the furthest in front we've been production wise on a book to date. Will be hoping to use this time to really give this baby some polish (and this probably helps as I'm going to be coloring the book as well :) )

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