Saturday, January 16, 2016

Welcome aboard, Naomi!

Its time to take off the covers and embrace 2016, and with that I am very excited to announce the new editor and co collaborator of From Above, Naomi Woodward!
An aspiring Xmas Bon Bon joke specialist, Naomi grew up reading Peanuts from the age of 9 and wishing she could own Betty's entire wardrobe from Archie comics.
She's the type of person who if she had a super power it would be predicting the future through a series of majorly traumatizing nightmares and yet she's one of the most bubbly and effervescent people I know.
Through our initial meetings and sit downs already, I've been blown away by the insight and value Naomi will be able to bring to the book. It's certainly going to give me a serious kick up the pants!
And so with no further ado I'd like to welcome Naomi aboard the From Above team! She'll also be popping up at cons (with or without fairy wings I can't be sure) and helping to bring From Above to the next level.
Please make her feel welcome!

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