Thursday, January 29, 2015

Development progress Issue 7

So I am now exactly halfway through pencils on Issue 7.
This will be an interesting issue as its the first one where we delve back into the back story and origins of the story and its not exactly what you'll think.

The back story will be a little darker as obviously it sets in motion some of the events that craft the current narrative. We get to see our first glimpse of Gracie's mother, Amelia, and also see how Parker ended up on his crusade against the corporations. We also see Parker and Gabe's first meeting.

Suffice to say the origin story makes me both nervous and excited. There's a lot riding on this story arc. Whilst there will still be some of the token humor that we've come to expect in the book, there will also be some tragedy and sadness that I hope will pull on the heartstrings of the reader.

From an art perspective, I fell like I'm still setting myself new challenges. Playing with camera angles and experimenting with scene compostion to make non action conversation scenes to still be visually engaging.

Looking forward to Issue 7. Haven't felt this nervous since Issue 4 where I toyed around with the idea of interspersing the action with short side stories of the residents of Melbourne City.

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