Sunday, March 16, 2014

Issue 4 begins and free ad space for local Aussie books

No time like the present - have started work on issue 4. Am also looking at initiating a few things going forward.
Firstly there is a sideline story that will begin to feature in the books from issue 4 onward but it will be featured first on the Facebook page - drip fed one page at a time. So if you follow the page you'll be able to get this story before the printed books come out.
Secondly for local comic creators, I am dedicating a page in each issue to free advertising of local books. (Issue 3 has an ad for The Crayfish comic). Basically if you have a book that is new and coming out around the issue at the time I'll put an ad in the book for you for no charge. Depending on how popular this idea it is may be a quarter page or full page if there's just one.
So if you're a creator who has a book out around July and want it advertised in issue 4 send me a pm (on the From Above facebook page)  and we'll see if we can fit something into the issue to advertise your book.
Hopefully this'll help a few other books out as I feel it's a way I can give a little back for after all the awesome support I've received with this book.

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